For Couples

Do you and your partner feel more like roommates than lovers? Has your intimacy waned as the years have progressed? Do the kids and work take all your time and energy leaving little to none for fun with your spouse?


For Adults

Does it seem like you will never overcome those overwhelming feelings of fear and worry? Have your sleep patterns and eating patterns become erratic? Does your mind race from issue to issue, causing irrational thinking?



We understand families and we know how to help troubled or struggling kids/teens. Our highly-trained counselors can help parents understand your child’s emotional and behavioral issues and develop strategies for addressing concerns.


Welcome to Counseling Solutions of West Michigan. We are a group of independent counselors in private practice who enjoy working with families, adults, teens and children with issues that can effect every day life. Each counselor brings their own interests, therapeutic approach, and specialties that can create lasting changes for their clients.

From children to adults we believe in individualized care at an affordable rate for all age groups. Each member of our Counseling Team is uniquely qualified to meet you where you are. Our counselors are prepared to work with you, your insurance plan and your budget to maximize your quality of care.

To schedule an appointment with your Counselor, please call or email them at their individual contact information (see Team tab). We’ll look forward to serving you!