Eating Disorders Henderson Counseling Services

Eating Disorders

By Meredith Persenaire | November 20, 2014

Are you concerned that you may have an eating disorder? Do you ever feel out of control when it comes to eating? Do you have feelings of remorse, shame, guilt, or loss of self-esteem after overeating? Do you feel that you prefer to eat alone so others can’t monitor you? Are you disgusted with yourself…

Anxiety Treatment Henderson Counseling Services

Anxiety Treatment

By Meredith Persenaire | November 21, 2014

Is Your Anxiety Making You Feel Out Of Control? Does it seem like you will never overcome those overwhelming feelings of fear and worry? Have your sleep patterns and eating patterns become erratic? Does your mind race from issue to issue, causing irrational thinking? Do you sometimes feel like you are going crazy? Maybe your anxious…

Depression Treatment Henderson Counseling Services

Depression Treatment

By Meredith Persenaire | November 21, 2014

Have You Lost Joy In Life? Do you suffer from feelings of hopelessness? Does sadness permeate your life? Do you wonder where these emotions came from? Do you feel isolated without a solid support system? Perhaps physical symptoms, such as lethargy, have caused you to feel even more hopeless. Are you eating less, sleeping more…


By Meredith Persenaire | April 5, 2018

HOW TO SAY GOODBYE TO THE ONES YOU LOVE Have you been struggling with the loss of a loved one, close friend, or a family pet? Grief can be an intense experience associated with strong feelings of sadness, guilt, regret, and even anger. We often feel alone or lost and can question if there is…

Online Therapy

By Meredith Persenaire | April 5, 2018

Online therapy is the delivery of mental health therapy via the Internet. People also know it as telehealth, e-therapy or e-counseling, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding online therapy. What is online therapy? Online therapy is when a client meets with a…

Infertility Counseling

By Meredith Persenaire | April 5, 2018

INFERTILITY AND PREGNANCY LOSS Did you know that one in four women will suffer a miscarriage in their lifetime? Or that there are over 200,000 women in the USA dealing with infertility every single year? The numbers may seem surprisingly high and yet, for those going through this trauma, it can feel incredibly isolating. Their…

Stress Management

By Meredith Persenaire | April 21, 2018

What is stress? Stress is a natural response of our body and mind to potential dangers in our environment. Stress is essentially feeling pressured by various situations, both internal and external. Contrary to popular belief, stress isn’t always a bad thing. It can serve to motivate us, for example, to prepare for an important project…

Trauma Counseling

By Meredith Persenaire | April 22, 2018

Trauma, which comes in many forms, can be a debilitating experience that affects how someone sees the past, how they live in the present, and beliefs one has about the ability to be safe, happy, and successful in the future.  Trauma can result from a single incident, such as a serious accident, assault, or significant…

Anger Management

By Meredith Persenaire | April 22, 2018

Do you often feel angry for no reason? Do you feel irritable, short-tempered and grouchy a lot? Where does this unexplained anger come from?  What does it mean? Feelings of anger come from how we interpret and/or react to certain situations.  Everyone has their own specific triggers but some common ones are: situations that make…

EMDR Treatment

By Meredith Persenaire | August 23, 2020

Why would I want to use EMDR treatment versus regular therapy?  EMDR can be a compliment to what we think of as ‘regular talk therapy’ but it is not traditional talk-therapy, it’s more of a mindfulness-based therapy.   It is a well-researched treatment that involves working with body sensations, emotions, memories, and core-self beliefs in eliminating painful…