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Anxiety-TreatmentIs Your Anxiety Making You Feel Out Of Control?

Does it seem like you will never overcome those overwhelming feelings of fear and worry? Have your sleep patterns and eating patterns become erratic? Does your mind race from issue to issue, causing irrational thinking? Do you sometimes feel like you are going crazy? Maybe your anxious thoughts make you question your stability, especially if you have tried and failed at managing your worry. Or perhaps your anxiety has caused physical symptoms, such as racing heartbeat, perspiring, stomach illness, headaches and distorted vision. Does anxiety negatively affect your relationships at home, work or school? Do you wish you could feel healthier and get through the day without feeling anxious?

Living with anxiety can make day to day activities a struggle. Trouble falling asleep at night because of racing thoughts may cause you to feel perpetually exhausted. And, then upon waking in the morning you wonder how you will get through your day. If your worry stems from social anxiety, you might start to wonder if others around you can see that your mind appears to be imploding. In addition, some of your severe anxiety symptoms may occur during transition times when you are unaware of what will happen next, or do not know what to expect.

Anxiety Is One Of The Most Common Issues Today

You are not alone in your struggle to understand or manage your anxiety. As our society has become increasingly focused on what is “normal,” anxiety has become more prevalent. In addition, the modern stresses of everyday life such as finances, complex relationships and high academic or professional expectations all contribute to an anxious brain. Even though anxiety is common, it is important to take it seriously. Attempting to self-regulate your anxiety without professional help can add even more pressure to your life, causing an increase in symptoms.

Many individuals have trouble determining whether their anxiety is normal, chronic, learned or genetic. Anxiety treatment can help you better understand your anxiety, its triggers and how to feel relief.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Calm Your Mind And Feel Healthy Again

In a safe and encouraging environment, you and I will work together to pinpoint your most anxious moments and determine what is causing your emotional responses. By talking through your anxious thought process, we will work step-by-step toward finding logical and useful techniques to help you throughout your day. When you change your patterns of thinking, you will begin to see your behaviors positively change as well.

Through problem solving and goal setting, you will have the opportunity to understand and manage the pressure caused by your anxiety. During sessions, we will explore solutions-focused techniques so you can measure your success as you move toward relief. As your motivator and coach, I believe you have the ability to take control of your anxiety symptoms. Outside of sessions, the tailor-made strategies will help you to calm yourself and find relief even during your most stressful situations.

I have 10 years of experience treating individuals with anxiety. And, after living with my own anxiety for decades, I have compassion and understanding for what you are going through. I will teach you the same techniques I use on myself and that have helped countless others.

I also know that anxiety treatment is only as good as the effort you put into it. Sometimes medications may be necessary, but taking the extra step by investing time in our treatment sessions will empower you to actively take control of your anxiety.

Treating individuals with anxiety has become a passion in my life. I believe I can help show you that you have the capability to overcome anxiety. Many of my clients initially worry that they simply do not have the ability or drive to change their anxiety. However, that is not the case. With help, the support of a compassionate, experienced therapist, and a tailor-made approach, you can take control your anxiety, find relief and start living the life you want to live.

Anxiety is a problem for me, but I still have questions and concerns about anxiety treatment…

I worry about what others may think of me if I attend anxiety treatment sessions.

Anxiety is very common and taking the first step toward relief should be applauded. While it can be helpful to reach out to family and friends for support, our sessions will always remain confidential and supportive.

You probably would not hesitate to see a professional if you were experiencing a serious physical ailment. Your mental well-being should not be any different. Our anxiety treatment sessions will not only act as a “mental gym workout,” but they also have the potential to improve your overall health.

Anxiety treatment seems expensive. Will it be worth the investment?

Treating your anxiety and improving your overall physical and mental health is one of the most important things to invest in. There is some financial cost. However, the benefits of treatment are well worth the investment. Physical and emotional ailments triggered by anxiety can affect your productivity and motivation, making you feel like you’d rather stay home from work or skip school. Anxiety treatment will help you boost your overall well-being, spilling over and improving your work, school or home life. Understanding and managing your anxiety will also be beneficial because you may start to feel physically better, experience improved sleep patterns and enjoy life again.

I’m worried that I may have to go on medications for anxiety.

Many individuals are wary of medications because they do not want to take them forever. In some cases, individuals may consider medications because of the severity of their anxiety. However, whether you choose to move forward with medication or not, we will focus on counseling strategies as the main source of your relief. While medications might be a quick fix to some of your most bothersome symptoms, putting in the effort through anxiety treatment sessions is what will create long-lasting, sustainable changes and relief.

Are You Ready To Feel Relief?

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