Naturopathic Treatment

For appointment, contact: (616) 570-8886


Maybe you’ve gone the traditional medical route and didn’t get any answers. Or maybe you didn’t get answers that you liked and wanted something different. I hear you! As your naturopathic doctor my goal is to sit down with you and listen. I hope to be able to share personal experiences with you and establish a trust so that together we can go deeper into the emotional and spiritual side of healing.
What happens on the first visit?
I ask that you set aside two full hours for your initial consultation. We will dive into what your goals are and what areas you would like to improve upon. I plan for this length of time so I can properly explain everything along the way. It can be quite the experience and you never know where the road may take us!
What happens in the two hours?
After our initial chat, I will do something called muscle response testing. This is a way to communicate with the body and find out what’s going on inside. We will find out where your nutritional deficiencies are and then test against what the best remedy is.
Can anyone see a naturopath?
Yes absolutely! I have families that come to make sure their kid’s nutrition is on track. I have moms-to-be that come in and we work through the different trimesters of pregnancy to ensure that mom and babe both are getting covered with proper mineralization. Men, women and children can all benefit from a naturopathic consult.
What remedies are offered?
All remedies suggested will be completely customized to you. We are all made completely different and what works for one person may not work for another.
A remedy can range from a dietary adjustment to a supplement; ways to detox the body, bodywork, chiropractic care, energy work, essential oils, emotional support etc.
What do I get with the initial Consultation?
You will leave the first appointment with a detailed plan in place for addressing the goals or concerns you came to me with and a better understanding of your body. I hope to leave you empowered to take control of your health!

What happens beyond the first appointment?
Follow-ups are recommended every 1-3 months later unless you decide you want more accountability. These visits are typically an hour and that time is used to check in on how things are going and to make changes to your current program. If there is a new concern or issue that has become more prominent we will discuss it and test for solutions.
My goal, as a naturopathic doctor, is to empower you in your own health and the health of your families; to share my knowledge and help create a community that supports and takes care of its own.