Do you and your partner feel more like roommates than lovers? Has your intimacy waned as the years have progressed? Do the kids and work take all your time and energy leaving little to none for fun with your spouse?

If so, couples counseling may be the service for you with the focus on growth and having the best relationship possible. This form of counseling is more structured and revolves around teaching specific skills including communication, problem solving, adaptability, stress management, and conflict resolution. It also emphasizes the importance of commitment, love, forgiveness, and friendship.

What causes both partners distress?  Typically the patterns that a couple have developed throughout time have slowly developed into a painful, predictable drama – or patterns.  These dysfunctional patterns are not always easy to change without intervention.  Many people are not even aware of their own behaviors and it usually takes an experienced counselor to help couples gain some objectivity and clarity to change behaviors.

All relationships – even good ones – require work.  And sometimes it's useful to have a neutral third party involved to help you sort through “stuff” and do the relationship work more effectively.  Common issues that couples face include:

  • communication
  • infidelity
  • trust
  • sex/intimacy
  • addictions
  • divorce/separation

The goal is that couples will learn new communication skills to speak to their partners so they can experience a respectful loving and kind way to ask for what each partner needs in a relationship.  Particularly when one (or both) partners feel listened to or accepted for who they are.

If you're just road-weary in your relationship, and sick of the undue stress, and looking for new skills to help enrich your lives, we will work with you to develop a unique plan to revitalize and enrich your relationship.