6 Ways To Turn Your Todays Into A Better Tomorrow!


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We have just crossed the finish line of another year and we’re off and running into the new one. Now, I’ve done that more times than I want to admit and every single time I’m always amazed that another year has gone by. It’s funny to think that only one-second separates one year from the next. And yet as soon as the ball drops, mentally it feels like a new beginning. In the blink of an eye, the today of one year has turned into the tomorrow of a new year.

Traditionally, the beginning of the new year is when people are motivated to make their New Years resolutions but we all know how long those last don’t we? Usually not very long. Not that it isn’t a good time to take inventory of your life and decide to set some new goals for the new year. We should always be on the lookout for ways to improve our lives. But instead of making it about goals for the whole year, why not focus on making small changes today that will have great impact on your tomorrows. I think that’s a lot more manageable than a whole year, don’t you? I sure do!

So, along with your own individual goals I would like to offer 6 suggestions that you might find helpful in your daily life. If practiced consistently I believe they will help you to create a better tomorrow, a better day after that, and an even better day after that!


1. Schedule time for self-care into each day

If you are like most people you tend to put yourself on the back burner while you attend to the needs of those around you. The problem with that is eventually it can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. It’s important to recognize that taking caring of yourself is not selfish. It doesn’t mean you will neglect those in your care. In fact, if you want to be at your best caring for others then it’s most important to take care of yourself first.

It also doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive, or complicated. Just set aside at least 20 minutes each day where you can practice some “me” time. Take your favorite beverage and veg in front of the fireplace, diffuse some calming essential oils, write in your journal, or turn up the music and get your boogie on! For each individual it will be different. But make it something you can look forward to each day to help you unwind and relax. It’s as simple as that! 

2. Take control of what you see on social media

Does anyone NOT have an opinion nowadays and feel the need to express it? A well-meaning comment that strikes someone the wrong way can suddenly make you a target for arrows of judgement and contention—even from people you don’t know or will ever meet. Who needs that in their life?

Take a look at who you are following and if the content is toxic to you, consider unfollowing them. You are in control of what you see on these platforms. Make your feed one that you can enjoy and makes you feel good. Or better yet, shut the technology off more often and have real conversations with the people around you.

3. Pursue healthy eating, exercise and proper rest

As a child you were instructed to eat your veggies, go to bed at a decent time and go outside and play. Do you know why you received these instructions? Because your parents knew that’s what you needed for your mind and body to function effectively. Now that you are an adult those principles are just as important. Making it a priority to practice these principles will make a world of difference in your optimism, energy levels, and ability to handle stress and think clearly. 

4. Strive for more positive self-talk

Take a minute and think about what you’ve said to yourself today. Was it critical and condemning? Or was it supportive and affirming? Are you bullied by your own thoughts? If your inner dialogue tends to be more negative, then today, is the right time to switch gears and reword your thoughts in a kinder, more positive light.

5. Jump out of your rut 

Unless you are someone who starts their day not knowing what lies ahead then you are probably like most of us who have their daily routine down to a science. That can get pretty boring after a while when each day is the same as the last. But who says you can’t change it up a little? Even small changes can make each day better than the last. Consider driving a different way to work, exploring a new restaurant for lunch, starting a new hobby, or being spontaneous and living in the moment. Trying new things opens you up to new ideas, inspiration, and creativity. 

6.  Start each day with a clean slate

There are plenty of opportunities in a day to create negative emotions. It may come from a hurtful comment at work, a harsh word or action from a spouse or family member, or possibly an inadequacy on our part, (real or imagined), etc. If we allow these emotions to fester it can become quite toxic. Whether we deserve an apology or not, need to forgive ourselves or someone else, letting it go at the end of each day gives us the opportunity to start the next day with a fresh start.

Out of all the suggestions listed above I believe this one might be the most powerful. For harboring hurt, resentment, and unforgiveness eats away at our very core and robs us of peace of mind and the joy of life. The truth is, when we cling to memories of bad events and dwell on the pain over and over again, it’s not hurting the offender — it’s hurting ourselves. So do yourself a favor and wipe the slate clean!


Just think, in a whole year you have 365 “todays” to improve your “tomorrows.” Isn’t that great? I am excited for you to see the changes in your life as a result of following these suggestions. Of course it might not always be easy and some times knowing is easier than doing. If you know you need to make some changes in your life but need help with the “doing” part, please call me, (Kris Henderson) at 616-516-1570 or schedule an appointment online today. And as always, I wish you health, happiness, healing and hope in the New Year!