February—the month for love! With Valentine’s Day being this month you probably think I am referring to a romantic love being shared with your significant other. But that is not the case. Here, I am talking about self-love. And before you say, No-Way! Let me explain.

The idea of self-love is probably uncomfortable for most people. That’s because they have a misconception of what the term really means. To them, the very phrase “self-love” conjures up images of self-centered, self-involved, and selfish people they’ve known. However, true self-love has nothing to do with vanity or egotism. Simply put, self-love means to give great importance to your own well-being and happiness. Not sacrificing your well-being to please others but taking care of your needs and not settling for less than you deserve.

Since you’re reading this blog I’m going to assume you’re searching out ways to lose weight and feel better about yourself. If that be the case, I’m so glad you are here! I believe you will find this information helpful. 

You’re probably wondering what self-love has to do with losing weight. Well, let me tell you! We all know the general guidelines of what puts weight on and what takes weight off, don’t we? So, instead of talking to you about losing weight through diet and exercise, I want the focus to be on showing yourself some love through the process. Because if your weight loss effort is fueled by negative self-talk (e.g.,“I have no self-control!”) and self-hatred, (e.g.,“I’m such a loser!”), then weight loss for you is more like a punishment. You might lose some weight by following a strict caloric intake but in the end you will still hate yourself. In time, you will likely wind up not taking care of yourself again. Let’s not allow that to happen. I would like to share just three suggestions below I believe can help you on your journey of weight loss while loving yourself to a happier and healthier you!


1.  Make a conscious decision to love yourself as you are now.

What? Yep! You read that right. Think about it this way. We know most people hate being overweight, right? Some even hate themselves for it. They think they can’t like (or love) themselves until they lose that excess weight. But that is actually backward thinking. Let me break it down this way. People don’t take good care of things they hate. On the other hand, people will go out of their way to take care of the things they love. Those things get the praise and attention. Can you see how this correlates to the way you treat yourself when you decide you need to lose weight? When you don’t love yourself it’s easy to be angry and berate yourself for “letting yourself go”. This kind of behavior, instead of motivating you to move forward toward losing weight, just builds more disgust within yourself. So, decide to love yourself now how you are. Look in the mirror and tell that thigh, belly, booty or whatever that bugs you that you are worth taking good care of and will do whatever you have to do to make it happen!  

2.  Don’t put your life of hold until you feel you earned a reward

It’s okay to set a goal and then treat yourself when you achieve it. But why be stingy with yourself along the way. You didn’t put the weight on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight. It could take awhile—it’s a process. Nevertheless, it’s important to celebrate the little wins along the way to encourage you. Let me tell you a story about someone I know. One day in a fit of disgust and false sense of determination she stated, “I am not going to buy any new clothes until this weight comes off and I mean it!” Well, guess what? That was probably at least 10 years ago she said that and she hasn’t lost any weight yet. In fact, she’s heavier now than when she said it. So, let’s just say her pants are a little threadbare by now! Remember, you are learning to love yourself now. So, get out there and LIVE life. Don’t put off fun activities until you are at your ideal weight. Pamper yourself!  And hey, while you’re at it, get that new outfit and rock it out!

3. Eat like you love yourself

Food is energy—not an enemy. Say goodbye to crazy diets that aren’t good for your body and hello to putting nutritious and nourishing food in your body as often as possible. Don’t skip or rush through your meals. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. Try to move away from the foods that don’t agree with your body. Why eat something that tastes good for 5 minutes only to make you feel like crap for hours?  Recognize you can’t eat perfect all the time. There will be celebrations, holidays, or sometimes a piece of chocolate cake calling your name. Go ahead. Splurge and enjoy! BUT, don’t spend hours or days later feeling guilty about it. Just make sure you don’t splurge all week long. Savor the tastes, smells, and textures of food. Respect the fact that food provides nourishment to your body. And finally, say goodbye to guilt and shame and begin to trust yourself around food.

There are so many ways to practice self-love and I heartily encourage you to seek them out— for the benefits are many. And finally, this year, be your own Valentine. Give yourself the gift of believing in and loving yourself. Just because you deserve it!  ~ Kris