“Spring” out of the Winter Blues

Grumpy, grouchy, tired, hungry, depressed, unfocused, listless. No, these are not the names of Snow White’s new companions. But, they could be symptoms you might be feeling though because of this time of year.

Back in December on my blog I had an article dealing with depression due to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but I thought it might be good to check back in and see how everyone was doing and to encourage you that we ARE getting nearer to turning the corner to a new and warmer season.

I will confess, I am dying for spring to come. I can’t even tell what color my car is anymore because it looks like a giant salt lick. At the beginning of the winter I just kind of hunkered down and resigned myself to the fact that I had to get through the coming months. But I was still riding on somewhat of a high from all the fun and festivities of the holidays, so I thought, “All right, I can do this.” However, I don’t know about you but by the beginning of March, I’ve had MORE than enough and my resignation has turned to irritation. If I could, I would go live in a greenhouse somewhere amongst the tulips and block out all the cold and black encrusted snow that seems to be everywhere.

Beating the winter blues. It’s what it’s all about this time of year isn’t it? If we can hold on just a little longer, that pinprick of light at the end of this tunnel is going to continue to get bigger and bigger until we are finally there into full blown spring. As I’m writing this, we are just over a week away from “springing” ahead for Daylight Savings Time by turning our clocks forward. YES, one more hour of precious daylight!!!

It can lift the spirits so much if you can focus on something to look forward to. And I believe as Michiganders we of all people need to look forward to spring and the warmer months that are to come. Anticipate those crocuses and tulips poking through the ground and the Robins making their nests. Take a minute and with your imagination picture sitting out at Lake Michigan and your toes sinking in that warm sand as you look out over that beautiful blue water at the sailboats floating along. So I would like to encourage you to THINK spring and the new beginnings it is going to bring.

In the meantime, don’t forget to get outside as much as you can. I think, (if we can believe the weather forecasters) we probably have put the most frigid weather behind us. Even if it is cold, bundle up and go for a walk especially if it is sunny. You WILL feel more energetic.

Keep active. Look for something new to do. Grab a friend and try a Yoga class, pick up a hobby, start planning your garden or what do you think about this? Go roller skating, yes, I said roller skating. I have some friends who take their whole family, grandkids and all on a weekly basis and they are pushing 50. The main thing is do something. Break out of the winter blues funk and don’t let the weather keep you indoors with nothing to do but watch tv day after day mindlessly chowing down on unhealthy food.

So, if after reading this you think yeah, it all sounds good but you’re feeling so blue you just can’t feel any excitement or find any motivation to break the cycle you are in, you might be dealing with more than the normal winter blues. It could be depression and there is no reason to stay there. Life is for living and I want you to live it to the fullest so if you think you might need some help to rise above this and shake off the heaviness you are feeling, don’t hesitate to make an appointment by calling (616)516-1570 or use the contact link on the website to set up an appointment.

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