Massage & Bodywork

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We live in a fast paced, high stress society. Taking time for a massage, ensures that the body gets a break to relax, rest and repair. Some of the benefits one may receive from a massage are:
Reducing Stress & Anxiety
Improves sleep
Improves one’s mood
Lessens pain and muscle tension
Improves immune function
Increases circulation

Types of Massage –

Classic massage
Soft tissues of the body are massaged to assist the client into a state of relaxation. Massage pressure and styles vary between what the client can handle and the specific therapist.

Craniosacral Bodywork
This bodywork is performed while the client is clothed. It is especially beneficial for anyone who has undergone trauma to the spine (whiplashes, falls etc.) as it assists the cerebral spinal fluid to properly bathe and nourish the body’s nerves and the brain. It is done with a very gentle touch and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

Raindrop Therapy
This hour-long session is a favorite! A variety of warming essential oils are dropped and massaged down the spine while assisting to boost the body’s immune system. Definitely a must do every spring or fall to assist in cleansing the body!

This therapy is done clothed and is specific to the feet and hands. It works by tapping into the body’s nerve endings and re-awakens them. By working solely on one’s foot, you can reflex all other parts of the body!

Emotional Release Therapy
This session is specifically designed to allow the body to feel and heal from past trauma that it is holding on to. A person can experience a powerful release of emotion during the session or up to 2 weeks following. A variety of essential oils are used in combination with this treatment.

Light Healing Touch
This hour-long bodywork session is performed by tapping into the energetic field above the body. The goal is to get rid of negative energy and allow for self-healing. This treatment is done clothed with little touch to the physical body.

Lymphatic Drain Massage
This hour session is similar to massage, but with the specific purpose of moving the body’s lymphatic fluid. It assists the body in removing toxins in a gentle, relaxing manner.

Energy Work
This form of bodywork varies between person to person and no session is ever the same. It is carried out using intuition. Some items used to enhance a session are essential oils, color therapy, specific music and a variety of bodywork styles.

For appointment, contact: (616) 570-8886